Trinity Hall’s Top 10 UK Wedding Trends for 2022

With more than 12 years’ experience as a Wedding Planner, Jane Telfer, our Wedding Coordinator at Trinity Hall, shares her forecast for the Top 10 UK Wedding Trends for 2022:

1. After all the uncertainties and restrictions over the past 2 years, with weddings postponed and rescheduled sometimes on multiple occasions, couples are relishing the joy of planning a wedding again.  The pain of being separated from friends and family during lockdowns has focused couples to maximise the guest experience for friends and family and their desire to create lasting and significant memories.

2. Sequel weddings are continuing with couples who have been forced to hold small ceremonies during lockdown now wanting the full wedding reception experience in 2022.  For their sequel wedding they want all the trimmings and for everyone to be able to cut loose and party, party, party!

3. The focus on sustainability continues and is at the forefront of the 2022 bride’s mind.  This includes renting the wedding dress – even Carrie Johnson rented her designer wedding dress last year for only £45 instead of paying the retail cost of £3,000.

4. The desire to include plant-based menu options is becoming increasingly important for couples. While a meat or fish dish as the main course is still the preferred option (after all it is a special occasion), more couples are choosing a plant-based starter for all guests and they particularly want to ensure that their vegetarian and vegan guests are not an after-thought and that their meal is as flavourful and mouth-watering as everyone else’s.  And couples want to know that their food is locally sourced wherever possible, helping to support local farmers and producers.

5. Dry January and Sober October are extending to weddings as more couples and their guests cut down on the amount of alcohol they drink.  Innovative recipes for mocktails along with alcohol-free or low alcohol beers, wines and spirits will be offered to guests instead of boring old OJ or Elderflower Pressé.

6. Formal dining is in and help-yourself buffets and family dining are out. There is still an element of nervousness surrounding Covid and couples and guests are not inclined to share serving utensils or dishes.

7. Wedding favours have been gradually disappearing and this trend will continue as couples want to invest their money in creating experiences and memories for their guests or donating the cash to a charity instead.

8. The lockdown baby boom will also see an increased number of couples who already have a family and will therefore want to ensure their little ones are as entertained and cared for as their adult guests.

9. Being in lockdown and having the opportunity to reconnect with nature is a focus for 2022 with colour palettes that feature nature-inspired and earthy tones.  Floral arrangements will be less structured, more informal and wild flowers will be incorporated.

10. Live music as well as a DJ is a must for this season’s wedding couples who want to support talented artists who have been badly hit by the pandemic. 

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