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Top Ten UK Wedding Trends for 2020

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, take inspiration from our top 10 UK wedding trends for 2020. As you’ll see, environmentally conscious choices are leading the way…

1. Instead of cut flowers, more and more wedding couples are choosing to include rooted trees and plants within their floral decorations. These can be planted by the couple after their wedding or gifted for guests to enjoy at home. A touching reminder of your special day.  

2. Vegetarian and vegan menus that are big on flavour are an increasingly popular choice for ethical and environmental reasons. No longer consigned to just a few guests, there’s an increasing trend to serve a solely vegan or vegetarian menu for all.

3. UK wedding couples are choosing locally sourced and seasonal produce for their Wedding Breakfast and opting for British wines and fizz.

4. Say goodbye to the gendered traditions of the bridal party. It’s now all about who the couple want standing by their sides. There will be more bestwomen, males of honour, groomswomen and bridesmen. Goodbye to stuffy wedding traditions, anything goes!

5. Eco-friendly table decorations are on the increase. Featuring quirky vintage items, crockery and cutlery adds a unique twist to your wedding celebrations.  Forget sugared almonds, up-cycled table decorations offer memorable keepsakes of the day for your nearest and dearest.

6. Reducing food wastage is a higher priority for all.  More couples are scaling back on evening buffets and excess food.  This environmentally friendly option is also easier on the waistline and the pocket – what’s not to love!

7. Couples are choosing Instagram worthy settings with a focus on nature and the great outdoors or unusual architecture instead of photo booths and selfie props.

8. Groomsmen a’ grooming.  Grooms now want the same attention and treatment as brides, including a dedicated space to get ready with their best men and ushers.

9. Ethical gifting is on the rise.  Wedding gift lists are on their way down whilst requests for charitable donations are on the rise.

10. Personalisation is key. Couples want their individuality to shine through on their wedding day. Adding unique touches and elements of light-heartedness or humour will help create a series of special memories for both you and your wedding guests.

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